Ti Whale An Nou 2021

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This technical document is subjected to changes depending on the recommendations made by the scientific partners. 

It will inform you on the context, objectives and methods of the study.


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Project description : 

The main focus of CCS is protecting cetaceans within the Caribbean. They have started the research project ‘Ti Whale An Nou 2021’. The name of this project is a mix of english and French Creole meaning our little whales. The main objectives of this study are to assess population size, distribution, movements, social structure and vocal clans of Lesser Antilles sperm whales, extending the research done by the Dalhousie University and Dominican Sperm Whale Project in the northern islands from St Kitts to Anguilla.


This project also aims to improve knowledge on the diversity, distribution and relative densities of cetacean species in the Lesser Antilles, contribute to the supply of acoustic databases of different species of cetaceans for better identification by artificial intelligence systems and study the role of environmental variables in the diversity and distribution of cetaceans in the West Indies, particularly in the context of volcanic eruptions and Covid.

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