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In search of marine mammals

Claridge Diane

his survey took place in 1991-1992 in Bahamian waters, to report the species of marine mammals present.

Photo-identification study to assess the population size of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in central Abaco

Claridge Diane

his paper introduces photo ID techniques as a useful management tool in assessing dolphins population size, dynamics and stock discreteness, for managing human...

Reliable microsatellite genotyping of dolphin DNA from faeces

Parsons Kim

oninvasive samples have proved useful in genotyping studies of free-ranging mammals. However, potential genotyping errors associated with such samples dictate ...

A Mass Stranding of Ceataceans caused by Naval Sonar in the Bahamas

Claridge Diane

his reports provides documentation and discussion of a significant multi-species mass stranding in the Bahamas in 2000, coincident with a naval transit in the ...

U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Navy joint interim report on the Bahamas marine mammal stranding event of 15-16 March, 2000

. U.S. NMFS/Navy

arine Fisheries Service and US Navy report on the Bahamas marine mammals stranding event, 15-16 March, 2000

Bayesian methods for marine mammal population assessment

Durban John

Policy-makers increasingly need to use scientific data that are imprecise. This
problem is particularly apparent for marine mammal management issues, where

The use of molecular and observational data to infer the structuring of bottlenose dolphin populations

Parsons Kim

Knowledge of the structuring of natural populations is important for understanding
both evolutionary processes and population ecology, and for supporting

CR Pelagos 972 - campagne 2003 saison sèche

Jérémie Stéphane

n inventory of the cetacean population and a study of the abundance and distribution of species from visual and acoustic sampling allowed to lay the foundation...

Comparing two alternative methods for genetic sampling of small cetaceans

Parsons Kim

oncern about the possible disturbance and physical impact caused by biopsy sampling has led to the development of less-invasive methods of tissue sampling. Tis...

Male-male aggression renders bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) unconscious

Parsons Kim

ntraspeciŽc aggression constitutes a signiŽcant proportion of conspeciŽc behaviours among many mammal species. Agonistic interactions among male bottlenose dol...

CR Pelagos 972 - campagne 2004 saison sèche

Jérémie Stéphane

An inventory of cetacean populations as well as an observation of the variation in the abundance of delphinids and their distribution in March and April 2003 m...

CR Pelagos 972 - campagne 2004 saison humide

Jérémie Stéphane

For the first time, between November 15 and December 5, 2004, an additional inventory and monitoring of the abundance and distribution of cetacean populations ...

Fundamentals of sperm whale societies :care for calves.

Gero Shane

he matrilineal society of the sperm whale functions to provide protection for calves at the surface while mothers make deep dives for food. Sperm whale females...

Automated Categorisation of Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Whistles

Dunn Charlotte

lassifying the acoustic repertoire of animal calls is challenging. Previously, human judges have been a commonly used method of classifying call types, which ...

CR Pelagos 972 - campagne 2005 saison sèche

Jérémie Stéphane

The multi-annual oceanological research program launched in 2003 was supplemented by a prospection carried out between April 18 and May 8, 2005. Additional sea...

CR Pelagos 972 - campagne 2006 saison sèche

Jérémie Stéphane

omparative monitoring during the spring season in 2006 was carried out between March 19 and April 3 in order to enrich the multiannual program which was initia...

Fine-Scale Distribution and Habitat Selection of Beaked Whales

Claridge Diane

ass strandings coincident with naval operations have demonstrated that beaked whales are particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic noise pollution. Further unde...

Population Genetic Structure of Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Northern Bahamas

Parsons Kim

opulation substructure has important implications for a species' ecology and evolution. As such, knowledge of this structuring is critical for the conservation...

Population estimate and inter-island movement of sperm whales, Physeter macrocephalus, in the Eastern Caribbean

Gero Shane

hen a population extends across international boundaries, management becomes more complex. This is especially true within a confined multinational area such as...

Suckling behaviour in sperm whales calves: observations and hypotheses

Gero Shane

his study is the first to describe quantitatively the apparent suckling behavior of sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus (Linnaeus, 1758), calves using observat...


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