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Why is your donation important for us ?

Our non profit is composed by a team of volunteering people and saving whales is not a lucrative business. However, we still need to pay for scientific materials (hydrophones, photo ID cameras, laptops, boat...) or fees (clearance, website hosting, gaz...) to achieve our missions. 

These fees can vary and range from small amounts to pay, like a bank account fee, to larger amounts for scientific material like a towed hydrophone. 

Today, your donation can serve to pay for a disentanglement training, a scientific campaign to establish a new MPA, hosting our web service, developing a database, raising awareness to a children school class... If you have a specific request concerning your donation, please contact us!


Annual Membership 

For a first support, this is our suggestion.

(In several countries, an adhesion is eligible as a donation for tax deduction) 


Benefit of becoming a member :

✔ You support our missions and reinforce it with official authorities, 

You thus help to better protect the natural marine heritage of the Caribbean, 

You can participate to the field study missions 

✔ You receive news, calls for volunteering and reports from the CCS by e-mail.


Becoming an annual member is a way to actively support and participate in the ambitions of the Caribbean cetacean Society.


We use the HelloAsso platform for our membership form, you can specify at the end of the form wether you wish or not to give to HelloAsso.



This option allows you to donate the amount of your choice all at once or every month without becoming a member.

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