Conservation, Science & Communication Together, without Frontiers

Who we are

The Caribbean Cetacean Society (CCS) is an NGO created by Caribbean people in 2020.


Our goal is to improve cetaceans conservation within the Wider Caribbean Region and beyond.

Main objectives 


Sharing is caring. We need to brake our boundaries to protect Cetaceans


We protect what we love and we love what we know. Science is the base to better conserve.


Valorizing the work of the community and improving awareness. 


Support conservation policy with strategic document and establishment or management of MPA. 

Why we created this non-profit

More than a third of all the Cetaceans species of the world can be found in the Caribbean.  They are considered as ecosystem ingeneer and have a primordial role in the ecology and climat change.


 Despite this they are threatened in our region and we lack many informations to better conserve them. Up to today all the project to protect them in the region were limited by duration or localisation.


As they don't know our boundaries, we decided to form thanks to a community of passionate people sharing the same objectives a sustainable NGO :  The Caribbean Cetacean Society


Powerful Network

From Bermuda to Aruba, there is passionate people all across the Caribbean and beyond working together with the same goal 

We are powered by the cooperation of our community that include local and international directors of NGO, researchers, lawyers, government representatives and passionate people all sharing the same objectives. 


Get Involved today ! 

Everyone can make a difference